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Kgomotso Christopher’s child is neurological and learning Online is a challenge




Kgomotso Christopher’s child is neurological and learning Online is a challenge

Actress and mother of two Kgomotso Christopher has joined the conversation on finding strategic ways to help children with neurological conditions deal and adjust to the new normal.

As South Africans prepare to reopen schools for the first time since lockdown started in March, many parents aren’t too confident about sending their kids back to school – especially those who have managed to find ways to make e-learning work for them and their kids.

Kgomotso joined in a conversation with other parents of children with neurological conditions such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ADD (attention deficit disorder) and autism. They spoke about the difficulties of helping their children through this time, with Kgomotso revealing that one of her children has mild ADD.

One parent explained that her son has mild ADHD and for the sake of peace, she would often just let him be because she understood how frustrating the whole situation might be to him. Kgomotso said she shared her predicament.

“My predicament exactly. Mild ADD, not on any meds. So yeah, some days we as parents just have to choose peace. I chose peace yesterday. I simply gave up fighting for him to work after a few meltdowns,” the actress said.

While the global Covid-19 pandemic has certainly affected adults on all fronts, children have also been going through the most mentally as they try to deal with the sudden changes in life as they knew it.

Kgomotso said she could imagine how much harder it must be for them. Although normal schooling was challenging, online learning presented new challenges and could be even tougher.

“It’s tough. That’s the major trigger for them – change and inconsistency. The day they go back is going to present another battle,” she added.



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