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Julius Malema blasts farmers!


EFF leader Julius Malema, who addressed scores of EFF members outside Senekal Magistrates Court yesterday, said the farm murder outrage by farmers in Senekal was a distraction to deviate from land issues.

Though there were no physical confrontations, there certainly was a war of words.

Malema said there are no farm killings in South Africa.

“There are no farm killings here, there are women and children being killed. Those are the people who need our attention,” he said.

“They are not here for murder, they are here to undermine issues of the land. Do not be confused by the so-called farm murders.”

Malema said: “They (farmers) think they can use this farm murder to intimidate us, to get us to stop talking about the land, to move us away from demanding the land.

He said in their memorandum they said to Ramaphosa “stop talking about the land”.

He added: “We will never stop talking about the land, we want to move into the land. We want to occupy the land and own the land.”

He said the people who are working the land on farms are black people, therefore they have the knowledge and capacity to produce their own food.

“Our parents are the ones who brought us here. We are still fighting their battle.

“We’d rather die with our boots on, if they want to kill us, let them shoot us now. For our own country, for defending our democracy and rights, we are prepared to die.”

Farm Murders Community spokesman Eddie Richardson said Malema was “talking war talk, we need to resolve matters. What hurts us is that Julius goes around saying things that are not called for”.

On the chaos that erupted at the Senekal Magistrates Court last week, Richardson said: “We are frustrated as the farming community. We’re not being taken seriously and we want justice. If someone comes and does it (murder) in your community, you’re going to be upset no matter where you are in the world.”

In court, murder accused Sekwetje Mahlamba and Sekola Matlaletsa argued to be released on bail.

They are facing charges murder and robbery charges after the murder of Brendin Horner.

The matter was postponed to Tuesday for cross examination of the investigating officer.

– News24 reported that another arrest has been made in connection with the torching of a police van at the Senekal Magistrates Court last week.

Police spokesperson Vish Naidoo confirmed the arrest, saying that a 33-year-old man had been taken into custody. He will face charges of public violence, arson, malicious damage to property and attempted murder.

The man is expected to appear before the Senekal Magistrates Court on Monday.