Home local Is Moja Love selling criminality as entertainment #Uyajola99

Is Moja Love selling criminality as entertainment #Uyajola99


Is Moja Love selling criminality as entertainment #Uyajola99

Uyajola got hella hectic on Sunday evening, leaving viewers wondering if what was going down in the show was actually legal. The people of Mzansi had reservations about the show ever since the day it aired, and for good reason. We recently learnt that Moja Love had been accused of selling criminality as entertainment thanks to the goings-on in Uyajola.

Peeps knew, when cheaters were going to be exposed that ish would be going down – nothing good ever comes from infidelity. In a recent episode, Uyajola presenter Jub Jub caught a few hot ones, which led to the bouncers getting involved – things got real real quick. The episode left many feeling some type of way about the level of violence displayed in the show. Yes, it is entertaining, but it also leaves you feeling ‘heavy’, which says a lot.

Viewers took to social media to air their views. It is safe to say that violence isn’t something peeps are keen on seeing.

702 radio personality and author Eusebius McKaiser also weighed in on the matter, calling it ‘criminal’. McKaiser feels Uyajola took things too far this time and the content of the show needed to be regulated.

“This is not funny. Jub Jub and his bodyguards are breaking the law here. This is criminal. Harassing people is disgusting. I hope the men laid a charge against them. Shoving people and stopping them leaving is disgusting. Moja Love sells criminality as ‘entertainment’.”


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