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‘I’ll f**k you up for free’ Sizwe Dhlomo to AKA

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‘I’ll f**k you up for free’ Sizwe Dhlomo to AKA

Sizwe Dhlomo hit back at AKA trying to mock him on Sunday and didn’t mince his words. Taking to Twitter, the “Newzroom Afrika ” host responded to the “Fela In Versace” rapper trying to mock him for wearing bootleg jeans and driving a tractor.

Which was a jab by AKA mostly likely in retaliation to Sizwe calling him an “awful business person” after his Reebok meltdown this week.AKA said in his tweet: “Riding tractors & calling people ‘ninjas’ while wearing bootleg cut jeans … I’m dead”.

Sizwe responded making it clear he wasn’t playing games and said: “I’ll be very direct with you son, mina I’ll f**k you up for free, no need to sign contracts. Then I’ll front you money for legal fees after that.”

Referencing the “Jika” hitmaker’s rant about Cassper Nyovest in March, where he claimed a boxing match deal was on the table but Mufasa didn’t sign the contract.

Tweeps were shook by Sizwe’s direct approach and shared their thoughts online.



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