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‘ I don’t have a bad day honey’, Somizi shrugs off the hate


‘ I don’t have a bad day honey’, Somizi shrugs off the hate

Somizi has fired a shot at his haters, warning them that whatever they do, it won’t get him down.

The star has been the talk of social media dozens of times over the last few years, as trolls take aim at this personal life. This led to one fan asking if being Somizi was a tough job – and if it ever became too much.

“How life was going to be great if everyone was minding his/her own business like Somizi. Do you ever have a bad day? Or ever worried about who says what about you?” the user asked.

Somizi told the user that there was no such thing as a bad day in his vocab.

“I don’t have a bad day, hun. Worrying about what is said about me? Never! That would be the day I rob myself of this beautiful, short-lived, unpredictable thing called life. Ngeke. Never. Andizi,” he said

He added that the “sooner we all do that, the better our lives will be, fulfilled and purposeful”.

Still, Somizi isn’t against dishing out a good roasting every now and then.

He recently left a troll dizzy when the user dissed the Idols SA judge’s mom, Mary Twala, and his husband, Mohale.

“Let me engage you. I am proudly gonna age like my mom, happy, and content. I just wish your mom reaches my mom’s age. And I used the word ‘poor’ in a wrong sentence because Mohale won’t be. I hope it’s not the case with you and your gorgeous, ageless mom,” he said, adding that the person should unfollow him.

The user later apologised for his comments and acknowledged the harm he had caused. Somizi accepted the apology and applauded the user for taking accountability for his actions.



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