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‘I Am Tired Of Being asked How Much I Am Worth’ Shauwn Mkhize

UPHUME phambili emacaleni abebekwe wona usomabhizinisi waseThekwini, uNkk Shaun "MaMkhize" Mpisane, kulandela ukuchithwa kwamacala okuletha izitifiketi zentela eziwumgunyathi. Lesi sinqumo sikhishwe yiNkantolo yokuDluliswa kwamaCala yakuleli Isithombe:Instagram/Tha Simelane

‘I Am Tired Of Being asked How Much I Am Worth’ Shauwn Mkhize

Shauwn Mkhize has reiterated on her socials that she does not have money lying around. She however uses her money in achieving all the goals she has set for herself.Businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize does not appreciate people wanting to know how deep her pockets are. She also does not want people questioning her on why she does not donate money.


Not letting people who dictate to her what she should do with her coins, the reality TV personality took to Instagram to give out a stern warning for people to stop.A question she would rather appreciate is, “What time do I wake up and how long? I don’t see my family at home putting in more hours by having late meetings.

“I have to explain myself again I don’t have money sitting I set my goals and work hard push myself to achieve them.” she wrote. She is also against donating to the needy whilst being followed with cameras around. She believes donations come from the heart and should be done out of goodness not to seek to trend.

” I believe donation comes from the heart and you don’t do it to display or show off, you do it for your self fulfillment. And doing what is right please now can they refrain from asking me this questions on my page cause I am not going to answer them. Cause I always do what I can when I can with no pressure,” she said.

Source- ZAlebs

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