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Here’s why #SomiziMustFall & #SomiziMustRise have been trending


Here’s why #SomiziMustFall & #SomiziMustRise have been trending

TV and radio personality Somizi Mhlongo’s attempt to motivate and change the “toxic” narrative linked to “Black Twitter” has backfired on him, causing a major split on the platform.

The media personality got tongues wagging with a video on Instagram, where he shared how he disliked the negativity “Black Twitter” was associated with. In the video which has since gone viral, Somizi can be heard saying, “I am sick and tired of this ‘pull him or her down’ syndrome from the black community … it has to stop.”

Somizi then made reference to a rich man who was recently dragged on Twitter for showing off his expensive cars over the weekend with people asking why he was wasting money.

“I saw that Hamilton apologised on his social media as well for the video he posted showing off his cars. My question is why, why must he apologise for his hard earned success, his sweat and tears? … Why must he be questioned?”

Somizi added that black people tend to never question where a white person gets his or her money from but are quick to attack a black person when they see them with plenty of money.

“Instead of us finding inspiration and realising that ‘you know what, when I get to this point, I also want to do this for my family and spoil my mother’ and say ‘I am inspired by you Hamilton, thank you very much’ … instead what we do is we drag him down … that’s sad and sick.

“We are wasting our time by pulling each other down, other races are flying because they are pushing each other forward and we are pulling each other backwards with that stupid slavery mentality.”


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While Somizi called on South Africans to use Twitter for good and not bash people, he was yet proven right when the hash tag #SomiziMustFall trended at number one with many saying he was angry with black Twitter.

However, the hash tag #SomiziMustRise trended at number six with many standing by him for stating hard-core facts about the black community.

Here are some of the reactions:


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