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Here is why you should have S.e.x in the Kitchen – Expect Advice



Here is why you should have S.e.x in the Kitchen - Expect Advice

They say home is where the heart is, and the kitchen is the heart of any home.

It is not only where delicious food is made, but according to sexologists, the kitchen is also the room in the house where you can serve the best s.e.x.

According to a recent study in the UK, apart from the bedroom, couples rated the kitchen as the hottest place to get it on indoors.

S.e.x expert Coleen Singer further explained the joys of getting frisky in the kitchen: “S.e.x in the kitchen is a wonderful alternative to the bedroom or living room as the feel and vibe is so different!

“Rather than comfy blankets and pillows, the kitchen has a wide variety of ‘staging platforms’ for pretty much any position you and your lover enjoy.

“Another spicy benefit is most kitchens don’t have curtains or blinds that can be drawn, so it brings in an element of possible exhibitionism in the event your lawn guy shows up and might spot you in the throes of passion,” Coleen said.

So, there is something about turning each other on like a stove in the kitchen, while you place each other on all the kitchen counters.

Experts further recommend that food be used as foreplay. Kitchen utensils can also create a sexxy scene for any master chef to whip up their s.e.xual magic.

Source | Daily Sun

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