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Here is socialite Inno Morolong’s networth

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Here is socialite Inno Morolong’s networth.

Recently Showmax debuted a reality series that follows the lives of high-end socialites called Diamond and dolls. Among the cast members, which was then filled with the cream of socialites and hostesses, Inno Morolong made the cut.

Many people know her as the queen of live streaming and shade because she calls out many people without shame on social media. She is the type of person who will speak her mind and spill secrets when she feels disrespected by anyone.

However, is that all that her brand is all about? The answer is no, and as much as she is always at the centre of the drama, Inno is also a businesswoman.  So she finally became a reality TV star, and that was her debut in the Television industry, and it gained her more fame.

Diamond and dolls

With the huge following she has amassed on social media, specifically Instagram, Inno has decided to try her hand at advertising. The entertainer invites businesses to advertise with her on her page for a fee, and businesses are kicking off for her. She even opened a business page that she used as a backup page if her main one was reported and closed.

Inno Morolong

However, the primary way she gets her money is through her hosting jobs, which she does almost every day. The socialite can be termed the life of the party by some people as she always has a good time and drinks the expensive drinks in clubs.


However, many club owners invite her to party at their establishments for a fee and given people love her; some will party at those clubs to meet her. Morolong is not beauty without brains and comes from a family that puts education first, so she is a degree holder.

Inno Morolong

She also uses her school knowledge to start her own business and company.  The socialite runs a sunglasses business called Shades by Inno, and she sells various styles that imitate international celebrities.

Socialite Inno

From the time she used to host with her on and off friend Eva Modika till now, the amount of wealth she has amassed for herself is shocking.

Morolong is rumoured to be worth around $500 000, with most of her money coming from her company and hosting jobs. The single mother of one makes sure that her child is taken care of and has a good time while doing it.

Source – SavannaNews

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