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Half of UIF aid has gone to Jozi


Half of UIF aid has gone to Jozi

Gauteng continues to top the list of employees who have already been paid their Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) temporary employment relief scheme after the figures reached more than 1.5 million paid so far.

While scores of employees are still waiting for the May payments to be expedited, the UIF Commissioner, Teboho Maruping, revealed the UIF was holding back R2.8 billion which could benefit 686 463 workers due to 107 202 employers not furnishing the UIF with the right details and the status of the workers.

“Ordinarily, feedback for payment or non-payment with reasons thereof together with acceptance or approval is sent to employers via automated process within 24 hours through the email address provided in addition to the online portal.”He said the UIF continues to pay ordinary benefits which have increased by 1.64% from R2.47m to R2.51m and the number of claims rising by 2.76% from 358 048 to 368 243.

According to Maruping, of the R16.5 billion that the UIF had disbursed as part of the Covid-19 TERS benefits payment, almost half has gone to Gauteng benefiting 1.5 million workers of the 3.5 million beneficiaries.

“In monetary terms, this amounts to R7 913 141 048.34 and the workers who have been given the cash injection had their claims lodged by 111 385 employers,” Maruping said
The second-highest recipient is the Western Cape with R2.7 billion disbursed so far to 549 156 workers represented by 54 077 employers.

-Daily Voice


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