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“Great men are made in Zimbabwe” – Malaika Mahlatsi

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Malaika Mahlatsi posted on a her Facebook page that evidence suggests that great men are made in Zimbabwe.

Although she did not indicate which evidence did she rely on to arrive at her conclusion, many of her followers on her Facebook page, greatly differed with her assertions.

Some even went as far as refuting her statement, saying that all men are great regardless of the nation which they came from.

"Great men are made in Zimbabwe" - Malaika Mahlatsi

And some who agreed with Malaika Mahlatsi’s statement said “You can say that again, I fully agree with you that Zimbabwean men are the best in this world, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.” Another lady who seemed to be in agreement with Malaika Mahlatsi, said ” I am still waiting for one of those great men to come and give me Zimbabwean last last name”

Majority of the people insisted that Malaika Mahlatsi should share the empirical evidence that she has used to determine that great men are made in Zimbabwe. However, Mahlatsi is yet to respond to the most people who asked her to share the evidence.

A man who by all indications seemed to originate from Zimbabwe said that ” I think it all has to do with the way we are brought up. Woman satisfaction in all areas is a core of our upbringing as Zimbabwe men. So we live to make sure those we are involved with are happy before anything else”

People are still debating Malaika Mahlatsi’s facebook post, so I cannot quote all that people are saying under Mahlatsi’s post. However, I will share the Facebook link so that readers can follow what other men are saying.