Home local #FreeJacobZuma – Durban on fire for Zuma

#FreeJacobZuma – Durban on fire for Zuma

#FreeJacobZuma - Durban on fire for Zuma

#FreeJacobZuma – Durban on fire for Zuma

In what is believed to be protests linked to the #FreeJacobZuma campaign, violent protesters have blocked some roads in uMlazi, a township on the south of Durban.

Also blockaded is Alpine road near Overport. That has partly disrupted traffic on the N3 freeway. The protesters have also shut down Richards Bay as it’s a Port City.

Thdestroyinged the tires of trucks and taken away their keys. Protesters are calling on those in Durban to do the same.

In a video clip of protesters burning fire by the road, they can be heard saying that they will never retreat. All they want is for Zuma to be out of prison today.

Bring Back Jacob Zuma Bringing Back Hope To South Africa. We Want To See Him Walking Down The Streets Of eNkandla With MaKhumalo…TOMORROW!!!

Meanwhile, Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma, I currently inundating Twitter with posts that are inciting violence. Translation: “We want NXAMALALA, we are not fighting with anyone, we just want @PresJGZuma “ … Amandla !!!

FreeJacobZuma South Africa we must continue shut down the roads cause they are undermining and oppressing by arresting him for 15cmonths for going to taking his treatment.

So let me get this right, people in KZN are on strike and they resort in burning down the same resources that are supposed to bring food on the table, all in the name of protecting Jacob Zuma.

How is destructing property and causing havoc going to free the man?

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