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Ferguson Films Respond To Accusations That They Are Exploiting Actors



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Ferguson Films Respond To Accusations That They Are Exploiting Actors

They have ignored every single accusation thrown at them, and have sometimes not responded, leaving more room for speculation.The Fergusons have been in the spotlight for a very long time now as they were accused of exploiting actors.

The popular most watched Mzansi Magic show, The Queen, saw fan-favourite characters exiting the Telenovela. During a live Instagram chat with Themba Ndaba, who plays Brutus, they got asked the question, “Why do they keep firing people?” This prompted Shona Ferguson to respond with “Who’s fired?”

“This is a soap, its a Telenovela…characters come and go, that’s how soap operates. It is for story and sometimes to introduce another story, but characters come and go. This is not something exclusive to The Queen…It happens everywhere and it happens every time,” Connie responded.

In between the laughs, Shona said that people get bored at seeing old faces and they hire new talent which evidently will lead to a character getting axed.

“You are going to see new people in and out, it is the nature of storytelling.” when people watch a show for a long time, they get bored of the same faces, hence the reason of bringing fresh new faces to shake things up. So if I’m going to give you something new, somebody has to go.” Shona

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