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Fears as hospital workers test positive to Covid-19


Fears as hospital workers test positive to Covid-19

An admin staff member at the Far East Rand Hospital says his fears of getting Covid-19 at work have now come true after he tested positive last week. The 34-year-old man, who spoke on condition that his identity is withheld, told Sowetan he tested positive on Tuesday after he started showing Covid-19 symptoms, including a dry cough.

He is self-isolating at home and self-medicating.”Many of my colleagues and I left our homes with fear of ending up positive after the contacts of our fellow colleagues, who tested positive, were forced to come to work while waiting for their results, said the staff member.

The man is now the sixth employee at the public health facility to test positive after four laundry workers and a porter were sent home after they tested positive for the coronavirus two weeks ago.

“I personally feel that the hospital and the department have failed us because if they had been more cautious of isolating contacts I probably would not have been infected,” he said.

The man said after testing positive and being sent home, a team from the health department was sent to test his family and all the people that he was in contact with at the hospital and in his unit. The staff member said his family has had to adjust ever since he tested positive for Covid-19.


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