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Expert warns of more COVID-19 waves

Gauteng is running out of beds, even Medical aid won't get you

Professor Tivani Mashamba-Thompson, a medical scientist, warns that widespread immunizations this year won’t carry coronavirus herd-immunity.

South Africa and the planet are searching for viral eradication vaccinations. Mashamba-Thompson says that we need to prepare for further waves of infection.

“The amount of vaccine mentioned would not help us reach the herd immunity needed to protect us. As the Health Minister has already assured us, vaccination is not a magic bullet. The scourge will proceed.

President Cyril Ramaphosa notes that the three Cs in South Africa can be avoided: locked rooms, busy areas and communication with others.

He cautioned against the latest, more contagious version than the first strain of the virus described.

“Emerging results show that this latest version does not cause more serious diseases than its initial versions, but places more strain on the health care system as incidents escalate so exponentially, and hospitals are fulfilled more quickly.

The government has vowed to pursue a vaccine campaign in South Africa to gain herd immunity.