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Eskom explains Major power outages in Gauteng


Eskom has confirmed the occurrence of widespread power outages across Gauteng, stating that it is working on fixing the faults.

The power utility said the extended power outages were due to a number of power grid faults as well as the recent heavy storms in the province.

“Eskom customers across Gauteng are experiencing an extended power supply interruption due to multiple network faults, coupled with storms affecting some parts of the following areas,” Eskom said, listing the areas below:

Eskom said it may take longer than usual to restore power supply in these areas due to the backlog of outage reports.

“Due to the high call volumes, it may take a prolonged period of time to completely clear the backlog and restore supply to all affected customers,” Eskom said.

“The Eskom recovery teams are working around the clock towards repairing the faults and damages to restore supply to the affected areas.”

The power utility added that for safety reasons, customers are urged to treat all electricity points at all times.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers, and wish to assure you that we are doing our best to restore supply,” Eskom said.

“Customers in the respective areas will be updated of the developments via Eskom social media platforms and other channels.