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Emtee urges fans not to listen to his album- here is why




Emtee urges fans not to listen to his album- here is why

Emtee has urged fans to stop listening to his platinum-selling album ‘Avery’ because he has not received any royalties from it. Emtee and former record label Ambitiouz Entertainment are still at loggerheads over Emtee’s exit from the disgraced label.

The rapper will not stop till the label has paid its dues and given him what’s rightfully his. Ambitiouz recently lost another mega star from it’s stable, Sjava after months of speculations that he is planning on exiting the label.

Emtee responded to a fan who praised his album, which was released in 2015, and said it is iconic and bashed the label for their mistreatment. He said he has not received any payment or royalties from it five years later, therefore fans should stop listening to it.

Emtee’s beef with Ambitiouz is proving to affect his work as a rapper. He was recently asked if he and producer Tweezy could ever work together.

He responded by saying he would not work with him because he is affiliated with his former label, however, he is a fan of his work.”I love Tweezy but he’s working for the opps now so,” he commented. The opps being Ambitiouz and Cassper.


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