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DJ Speedsta Pokes Fun At Nasty C

speedsta and nusty c

DJ Speedsta Pokes Fun At Nasty C

Award-winning SA DJ Speedsta recently poked some fun at Nasty C’s recent interview on Vlad Tv, where he spoke about their beef again. The musicians recently had a heated exchange on Twitter, after DJ Speedsta claimed ownership over Nasty C’s song Bam Bam.

Speaking to Vlad, Nasty C spoke about how their beef started and DJ Speedsta apologising, but speaking on the interview he said: “If you are mad about my success be mad I don’t give a f**k”. Reacting to the interview Speedsta laughed it off and said it was a ‘Dope Interview’.

He even went to poke fun at the interview with his latest album Zulu Man With Power and said he is a Tswana Man with power.

Recently Nasty C spoke to TshisaLive about their heated exchange and said he thinks this was sparked jealously

“I think it’s more of a jealousy thing more than anything. I don’t see how his initial point has to do with any of the stuff he went on to say.”

We don’t know if they will ever squash their beef or they are permanent sworn enemies now.



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