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Dineo Ranaka’s Shocking Revelation

Dineo Ranaka’s Shocking Revelation

Radio and television personality Dineo Ranaka had an intriguing conversation with her grandmother about her menstrual struggles and how she has never used a menstrual towel in her life.

This is part of her new gig with popular feminine hygiene and menstrual towel company Lil-Lets.

The company has a new talk show called ‘Lil-Lets Talk With Dineo Ranaka’ and they touch on all aspects of the female reproductive system. The talk show, hosted by the reality TV star, touches on pregnancy and fertility as a whole as well as menstruation and the struggles women and girls face when they cannot afford such.

Many celebrities have always been vocal about making menstrual pads free and accessible to women and young girls. These include Lerato Kganyago and she invited many prominent people to join her virtual concert – including President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Another celeb is Siv Ngesi who is extremely vocal about making menstrual towels free and accessible. He has slammed men who are not active on this chat.

Dineo is hosting a whole show and as part of her first episode she invited her grandmother, mother and Naledi to talk about menstruation.

In that conversation, her grandmother revealed to her that has never used nor opened a menstrual towel in her life up until menopause. Whenever she would be on her periods she used her mother’s nappy towels and would wash them often.

Another alternatives many women would use are socks and tissue paper.