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Dineo Ranaka on dumping Metro FM to Kaya FM: I got an opportunity I couldn’t resist

Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka on dumping Metro FM to Kaya FM: I got an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

In a statement, the mom of three announced her departure from the Metro FM show The Bridge, which she hosted alongside Lerato Kganyago weekdays between 10am and midday. She has successfully kept listeners entertained on the airwaves for four years. Businesswoman, mom, and DJ, Dineo Ranaka, is now ready for greener pastures.

“After 4 years, Dineo Ranaka’s time at Metro FM has come to an end. Her last show on air will be on Friday, 17th June 2022,” the statement reads. “This comes after a fantastic opportunity presented itself and the timing could not have been perfect for Ranaka.” Dineo says she has had a fulfilling time hosting The Bridge with her team and she is profoundly grateful to the SABC and listeners for the support they have provided her throughout the years.

“The road does not end here for Dineo in radio. Details pertaining to her new radio home will be shared in due course. She will also take this time to work on her music career and the OpenID podcast. Following the warm reception Ukhona featuring Nokwazi received from her fans, Ranaka plans to release her second single in July 2022,” the statement says.

Speaking to Drum, Dineo says the next venture will be announced in due and appropriate time. “My time at Metro FM has been nothing short of amazing and adventurous. I have enjoyed both my relationship with management, colleagues, listeners, as well as advertisers. It has truly been beautiful,” she says.

“An opportunity to expand myself has been presented to me and it was one I couldn’t resist.” Not long ago, Dineo was suspended from the station for partaking in the #Umlando challenge, a dance craze that had people winding their hips to the song Umlando in different environments.

Dineo Ranaka

Dineo did the challenge at work on furniture at the SABC studio in Auckland Park which landed her in hot water and suspended her for a few weeks. Despite the rollercoaster ride at Metro FM, Dineo will miss the freedom to be herself on the airways. “There’s truly nothing I won’t miss.

Metro FM is surely an institute that I have had the most fun in my radio career thus far.  I was entrusted with a great responsibility to increase listenership as well revenue and have excelled in both because of the freedom and acceptance I was granted,” she says.

Source – News24

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