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Dineo and Solo Langa open up about how they became sangomas


Dineo and Solo Langa open up about how they became sangomas

Rapper Solo and his wife, actress Dineo Langa have been letting fans into their intimate circle since launching their Youtube channel.

In this week’s episode, they were discussing their spiritual journeys as individuals and as a married couple. Solo opens up the topic by revealing how rooted they are in their spirituality.“We are trained healers, we are sangomas

“The decision to accept the calling was the hardest thing l have ever had to do, I was a kid when l found out, maybe 20 plus years ago. The whole family had a consultation and l was pointed out.

But because l was a kid at the time it meant nothing to me, but it stayed at the back of my head as a statement and it only started to take shape a good 8 to 10 years ago when l began to understand the significance and l became curious about it.”Dineo-and-Solos-traditional-wedding1

“I had gone to check something totally separate and while that was addressed then came this very heavy block of ‘hey you are gifted fanele uyothwasa,” and my mind went spinning and it took such a long time for me to accept it because there is you finding out and you accepting to go on the journey”

She is also grateful that Solo was by her side why she was going through it all because she says without him she would have gone crazy. They went through the initiation process together and according to Solo he is grateful they were afforded that gift to be spiritually aligned.‘We are not ashamed on this gift and we are proud of it”.


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