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Dead Con Man Still Alive!



Dead Con Man Still Alive!
When family members, friends and community members heard the news of the death of their relatives, they were shocked. Hearing that he died suddenly, some family members came to the Western Cape.
But tears and sadness are of no avail-because he is still alive and still on the run

He ran away on 23 September.

“When Dorothy comes here looking for her money, tell her I’m dead. I’ll explain later,” he told his wife.

The man owes Dorothy Kgoahla more than R400 000. He convinced her to go into a business that supplies fresh produce to one of the popular supermarkets.

After their business deal turned sour, according to his wife, her hubby faked his own death.

Dorothy told Daily Sun the man told her he wasn’t feeling well the day before she went to his house and found out about his “death”.

“I found the wife with her mum. She was crying. She said her son had died,” said Dorothy.

“I spoke to him before midnight. Because he told me he was not feeling well, I thought he had died.”

She said she mourned his death with the family as they were friends.

Dorothy said she called a few friends to inform them about the death, but one of the friends said he spoke to him that day around 7am and he was alive.

She said she got the secret number the man used and called him, but when he heard her voice, he hung up the phone.

Dorothy confronted the wife who came out with the truth.“She said her husband was alive. She said they did it because he owes many people and some want to kill him.”

Dorothy alleged that the couple was going to make a life insurance claim and use the money to settle their debts.

The wife confirmed that her hubby struggled to pay Dorothy.

“He said Dorothy was looking for him and would kill him. He said I must tell her he’s dead,” the wife tod the SunTeam.

“I don’t know where he is. He said he’ll explain everything later. I’m still waiting.”

The wife said she didn’t know how the two got to owe each other money.

“I suspect that there was an affair going on,” she said.

She said she needs Dorothy and the man to come and tell her about the money.

Sgcino Nkosi, of Nkosi Funeral in Tembisa, confirmed that he had received a call about the man’s death.

“She said he vomited and died,” said Nkosi.

“A person like that would be taken by the mortuary for a post mortem and subsequently be taken to a funeral parlour.”

He said the only part his funeral parlour played was to accompany those who were contracted to fumigate the house as it was suspected that Covid-19 might have been the cause of death.

The SunTeam could not get hold of the man on the run.

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