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‘Curfew not good for my pierced [email protected]!’



‘Curfew not good for my pierced pun@n!'

Nelly Mawaza has said the 10pm curfew is not doing justice to her pierced punani!

In a video, which circulated on social media, the Pretoria-born dancer can be heard talking about how lockdown restrictions don’t work for her.

“Do I look like I am drunk? If I am, take me to my car. We are h0.r.ny now,” she said as she pulled up her dress to reveal her bum.

You like it or not. Level two, I told you I will show you s**t. Don’t hate,” she said.

“We are h0.r.ny at the last minute.

“They say taverns close at 10pm. Is that possible? Imagine a girl with a pierced [email protected]! going home at 10. It is impossible,” said Nelly.

She then shows off her famous twerking skills.

When Daily Sun contacted Nelly, she said she wasn’t drunk.

“That video was not a mistake.

“I hear people say I was showing off my [email protected]!, but I wasn’t,” she said.

Nelly said she always danced without panties on.

“That’s my brand. I like showing off my bum,” she said.

“The point of the video is to tell people I am back. I was advertising my work in that video. I was working.”

Nelly said that her new music video will be released tomorrow.

Many social media users had a lot to say about Nelly’s video.

AngelicaNgxongo wrote: “It’s really disgusting. Some of us are fighting for rape victims and there is such behavior.” wrote: “If you don’t know Nelly or never heard about her, then you don’t know Pretoria.”

Source | Dailysun

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