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Chicco Twala Slams Arthur Mafokate for Applying for Covid Relief Grant


Veteran Mzansi musician Chicco Twala has slammed Arthur Mafokate after he reportedly shared that he’s also financially struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Arthur, who is a famous Kwaito musician, recently applied for the National Arts Council grant. Chicco feels that rich people like Arthur do not deserve the relief funds aimed at helping struggling Mzansi people amid the pandemic.

Chicco penned a lengthy open letter to Arthur slamming him for applying for these funds. Chicco said the 999 boss’ action diminishes the chances of other Mzansi artists who are really struggling to access them.

The letter was shared on Twitter by @CoruscaKhaya. In the letter Chicco says:

“Seeing you and some members of your family being approved for over R5m of monies that are earmarked for Covid relief is a clear sign that you want everything for yourself.”

Chicco criticised Arthur for “abusing systems” that are meant to advance their sector for his own personal gain.

Social media users have shared mixed reactions to Chicco’s open letter. Check out some of their comments below:

@_SonOfMars wrote:

“Does Chicco know Arthur’s financial affairs and how hard the pandemic has affected him and his employees? Kune element yok’phapha.”

@RayLordBT said:

“Chicco who has cheated all his artists, most notably the late great Brenda Fassie, wants to now take the moral high ground and ‘do the right thing?’ The same Chicco who is alleged to be behind the lack of progress in the Senzo Meyiwa investigation? Same Chicco.”

@KgapePhaladi commented:

“I think in this situation what you are saying is irrelevant sir. Chicco is just dealing with Arthur’s greed in this situation. He never mentioned anything to do with the late Mabrrr or Senzo. Let’s focus on the issue at hand.”
@VNtshentshe said:

“I never understand this ‘OPEN LETTER’ behaviour for people who claim to care for each other. Why not call him directly and speak man to man.. Why the Public Address?”
@siwosh added:

“The information is now public and people within the industry are talking about it. He’s showing leadership by dealing with it head on and not via secret conversations. He’s probably expressed what some wish they could but can’t as it will affect their future earnings.”


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