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Chicco Twala, IMPRA, AKA In Corruption Scandal


Legendary musician Sello “Chicco” Twala has called out local rapper AKA to return the money paid to him by IMPRA (Independent Music Performance Rights Association) whom he accused of corruption.

In a text message sent to artist this week as he moved his campaign to root out corruption in the music royalty collecting society, Twala said the Fella in Versace hitmakeker should pay back the money because they were overpaid by IMPRA.

“AKA and other artists who received lump sums from IMPRA, including myself last year should pay back the money because it was way too much. This was done at the expense of other musicians just to impress the minister of sports and arts – Nathi Mthetwa that IMPRA pays more, the text read.

The Top 10 musicians, including myself, was just a scam. Also note that we did not know that IMPRA was a sham. We all thought the payments were playlist based until I recently found out how IMPRA operated.”

Chicco also said more details about the corruption in the music industry will be revealed when the law takes its course.

” The rest will be revealed when the matter is taken to court. We should not receive any royalties in the current financial year from IMPRA”. Twala however did not disclose how much he ans AKA received but sources say he was paid at least R500,000 and AKA was payed R1-million last year.

Speaking to Sundayworld, Twala said an audit should be conducted do determine how much he and AKA should pay back.

He also said some of the musicians,whom he did not disclose will have to pay full amounts because their songs were not even played on radio yet they were paid needle time royalties.

Artists who should pay back the full amounts include a well-known maskadi artist, whose music was not on high rotation in 2018, but was paid at least R450 000 and another artist whose revolutionarysongs were popular in the 1980s who was paid R50 000 despite his music not being played on radio stations.

IMPRA president Dodo Monamodi said his office would not disclose how much the artists were paid, citing confidentiality..

AKA’s manager said they will wait for the outcome of the audit before commenting on Twala’s claims.