Home Mzansi News Burglars break into a Hotel mainly for bear

Burglars break into a Hotel mainly for bear


Burglars break into a Hotel mainly for bear

Booze was first on the list of goods targeted by an armed gang during a robbery at a hotel in the North West during the lockdown curfew.

“The suspects immediately searched for alcohol and found some beer that was left in the fridges, as most of the alcohol had already been removed from the premises before the national lockdown,” said Priya Naidoo, GM of marketing at Tsogo Sun Hotels.

Naidoo said the StayEasy hotel in Rustenburg had been closed at the time of the robbery.

Beers, television sets and other hotel equipment were stolen during the raid.

She said no injuries were reported.

“We are concerned that an armed gang like this can take advantage of the lockdown and curfew to prey on businesses, causing more losses at a very difficult time,” added Naidoo.

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