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Brutus Fired From The Queen On Sexual Harassment Allegations?


It was reported on the street that the Queen’s Brutus character-Themba Ndaba in real life, would be cancelled from the Fergusons TV series “Queen” due to allegations of inappropriate advances on his female colleagues on the show’s cast.

On 23 December, entertainment commentator, Phil Mphela broke the news but could not drop names. He wrote;

“WORD IS: The Queen to Drop Actor. The murmur is that Mzansi Magic Telenovela will be writing (or has written) an actor out of the show following some inappropriate advances on his colleagues. This is a welcomed & encouraging step taken by Ferguson Films. Change the culture!”

Fans of the show started speculating over who the unnamed character was.

Many thought of the newly engaged – troublesome SK Khoza who plays Shaka on the show.

But from sources close to the development, zanewsonline.co.za confirms it is Themba Ndaba who is set to be written off of the show.

The actor had been a fan favourite since The Queen’s premiered back in August 2016. As his escapades got wilder, his tongue sharper and his wit even quicker, Mzansi found himself that typical family uncle through his character.

But alas, the word on the street says he also has a bad side that he had not revealed to the public.

Sexual harassment is a serious offence, something that couldn’t be taken lightly, especially in the entertainment industry.

The Fergusons – who have always been attacked over supporting stars with such controversial records, have finally given in and let go of their favourite employee – Themba Ndaba.