Home local #BrownVinegarAndSalt, South Africans Share Nightmares From ‘See Who Is Bewitching You’ Recipe

#BrownVinegarAndSalt, South Africans Share Nightmares From ‘See Who Is Bewitching You’ Recipe

salt and viniger

#BrownVinegarAndSalt, South Africans Share Nightmares From ‘See Who Is Bewitching You’ Recipe

. . .It’s s all fun and games until someone gets hurt or until it becomes a living nightmare

The verdict is in and some results are hilarious and some of them are downright chilling and scary.

Well there was that, ‘do not try this at home if you ain’t strong’ caution label because you could die in your sleep like literally die (chills)

According to the recipe, you needed to mix brown salt and vinegar in a container and put it under the bed before you sleep, this ensures you to see your enemies in your dreams/visions doing their nocturnal activities.
Said the quote

Using black vinegar and salt and putting it under your bed for 3 days U will see who’s bewitching you but U gotta be very strong to see all that coz U need to fight them coz obviously U guys will see each other during the process like U must know your story nje…so do it on ur own RISK!

People who tried it had a ‘night of the living dead’ experience and all the stuff nightmares are made of.
Here’s are testimonies from social media

“I had to create a fake account to share my experience

Firstly before you attempt to do this you must be very strong, not only physical but spiritually and mentally. you need to pray and fast days before doing the mixture, then on the night of putting the mixture under the bed you need to pray even harder.

I did this mixture last year around this time but I was told by a traditional healer to do it if

I want to see the person behind my misfortunes, the healer already knew but she refused to tell me. She said she wants me to see for myself. WELL did as I prayed and fasted for 7 days and what I saw still haunts me to today

In the dream I saw 3 white caskets and I was walking with a colleague of mine who told me to not go near those caskets because we don’t know what’s happening, but I’m stubborn like that even in real life, I worst near the caskets and as I was about to approach them 3 trustworthy people came out of it My aunt her friend and our neighbors , they fought me like crazy, I kept shouting the name of Jesus. it was hard to even open my mouth but 1 did, I shouted the name of Jesus until 1 managed to fight them, the neighbor and the friend ran away.

I was now faced with my aunt who bluntly asked me that I think Im better than her own children, her older daughter is a doctor and her son owns a big construction company, so I didn’t understand how can she become jealous of me when Im just a cashier, then out of nowhere she joined her friends and told me I won’t wake up. after that I woke up, lit one of my candles and prayed.

After 2 days I went back to the healer and even before I told her about my dream she told me about it, she said she also saw the dream but the fact that I woke up okay it means I have won the battle and they won’t do anything to me or even people close to me, she cleansed me.
Today the very same aunt and her witch friends can’t look at me in the eye”

“As a spiritual investigation officer..tried to see who sent an owl on my property…..I didn’t put it under my bed, instead by the doors in my house.. yaaaaa. World war 3..woke up at 1am..still up watching TV 03:22..I need a chocolate”

“Yhey guys I tried this thing and I slept around 21:00 yhey it was very awkward I don’t even know where to start #BrownVinegarAndSalt“#BrownVinegarAndSaltTestimony I’d rather not give my testimony, all I can say is I’m never doing it again.”

“The worst night of my life.. never try #BrownVinegarAndSalt guys, you might die. This thing is real”

However African spiritually practitioners like Celeb Ntsiki Mazwai advised against it saying people shouldn’t mess around with such things as they are sacred.

African spirituality things are not for social media

Are not for outside eyes

Pls respect isintu and our secret ways and keep them off social media.


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