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Basic Education sector Covid-19 vaccination extended to next week

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Basic Education sector Covid-19 vaccination extended to next week

Strong demand for the vaccine roll-out programme has pushed the Basic Education sector to extend it until next Wednesday.

The department urged all educators and staff to use the remaining period to get vaccinated.

According to the department, the extension became necessary when additional doses for Basic Education personnel became available.

The department said the extension will enable the sector to vaccinate more people but also to mop up where some sites experienced technical challenges resulting in delays.

According to the Health Department about 437 386 educators and staff have now been vaccinated in the sector since the roll-out began. The initial target was 582 564.

The department’s spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said the sector has also seen a strong demand for the vaccines in recent days.

“Provinces reported that more and more people were coming forward seeking to be vaccinated. More than 200 000 more people have been added to the list of staff who will get vaccinated,” Mhlanga said.

He said the numbers will improve significantly as Limpopo vaccinated today as part of the plan to use Friday and Saturday to administer the vaccines to basic education personnel.

“A huge turn-out was reported today in various parts of Limpopo where educators and staff arrived to receive their single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccines,” he said.

Mhlanga said in order to address the challenges that have been experienced, the health department has put in place measures to ensure all eligible staff eventually get vaccinated.

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cauht during lockdown

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