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At Last! Dr Mkhize Delivers Good news for South Africans



"We can still take you back to level 5" - Mkhize

What the country of South African is wondering is the likelihood of the second wave being on its way and the health minister released statistics that proved that it may not be coming for the country.

These statistics show that the country has had a reduction in daily infections and currently dodging the second wave of infections.

It has been over 3 weeks without the country reporting cases less than 1000 in one day. All the cases were somewhere between 1500 and above 2000. What this new movement in the cases means is that South Africa is doing very well and all the rumours about a second wave and the coming of the hard lockdown should be dismissed.

Looking at the table that was drafted by the ministers in the National Coronavirus Command Council(NCCC) in conjunction with the Ministerial Advisory Committee, we can see that for the country to go to any level higher than the one it already is in, there needs to be an increase in infections.

The table below is the original one drafted by the government and it clearly states that there has to be an increase in infection rate accompanied by the unreadiness of the health system for the government to officially declare and increase an alert level. These two have not yet been met in totality in any of the provinces in the country or the total National Statistics.

It is now evident that the hardest lockdown in the history of South Africa cannot make itself back. The table is a proper guideline to follow for the government to request an increase in alert level. The country currently has low virus spread and high health system readiness, hence we are still on Level 1 of the lockdown

The table above shows that it is impossible for the country to move straight from alert level 1 all the way to the hard lockdown which is under the level 5. The country has to go up the table in a sequence. This means that the next level that might happen if South Africa chooses to take it back up should be level two and not level five.

The country’s official address to the nation will be the one that will finally clarify all the rumours. When this happened is not yet known but people are hoping that the president addresses the nation this week.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think there are any chances the government would raise the alert level of the country?

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