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Another Video Of The Late Ginimbi Speeding Has Emerged

Another Video Of The Late Ginimbi Speeding Has Emerged

Judging from what his father said about him right on the scene of his accident as well as what can be seen in a video that has emerged, indeed the late Zimbabwean business tycoon Genius Kadungure had a passion for powerful machines and preferred driving at high speeds whenever he found the chance.

Barely three days after his death, his friend posted a video to her Instagram account that showed the late socialite driving at 260km per hour and described him as someone who liked speed in her caption.

During an interview with a local newspaper, H-Metro, Ginimbi’s father, Mr. Kadungure senior described his late son as someone who was always speeding as he passed through his homestead although from a distance daily on his way to work.”

When I was told that he had an accident I was not surprised because I know he is always speeding”, said Ginimbi’s father.

In another video that is doing the rounds on social media, the late businessman is seen driving at excessive speed as his manager is heard giving him a stern warning to slow down the vehicle as he seemingly ignores her. Below is the video of Ginimbi speeding at an unknown location somewhere in Zimbabwe.

Ginimbi, alongside his three other friends, were involved in a head-on collision with a Honda fit on their way from the club after a long night of drinking as they celebrated a friend’s birthday.

Unfortunately, his friends were burnt beyond recognition after his Rolls Royce turned into a fireball following a heavy impact against a tree along Borrowdale road. Ginimbi succumbed to internal injuries and was buried a week after his death in his home village of Domboshava.