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#ANCvsJUJU – ‘A nincompoop with verbal diarrhea ANC vs JUJU – ‘A nincompoop with verbal diarrhoea’ – ANC response to Malema



Sibongile Besani. File photo: Motshwari Mofokeng

#ANCvsJUJU – ‘A nincompoop with verbal diarrhea’ – ANC response to Malema

Now, now everybody – remember to play nice. The ANC’s newly-formed Youth League, known as the National Youth Task Team, has reacted furiously to utterances made by Julius Malema on Monday. The EFF leader called Cyril Ramaphosa a ‘bastard’, prompting this structure of the ruling party to fire back.Malema

Just because they didn’t swear, it doesn’t mean they haven’t given Malema both barrels. The NYTT claim that Malema is a ‘capitalist in disguise’, and hammered the so-called CIC for a bout of ‘verbal diarrhoea’. Juju had previously claimed that President Ramaphosa could not defend Black Lives Matter after the Marikana massacre.

The official statement from the Youth Branch of the ANC continues in an abrasive, uncouth manner. In fact, it’s the sort of fierce rhetoric we’d usually see from the Red Berets. Perhaps flattery is the most sincere form of flattery, hey? But either way, it seems that any collaboration between both parties – with regards to the COVID-19 response or otherwise – has been taken off the table:

“The NYTT is dismayed by the verbal diarrhoea which EFF owner Julius Malema resorted to on Monday. Demagogues and bigots like Malema will not contribute anything towards the noble cause of defeating racial inequality. He is known for his thuggery and ill-mannered gimmicks, which fail to fool South Africans.”

“Nincompoops and comical characters like Julius Malema who thrive on anarchy will continue to be rejected as they have nothing to offer apart from insults. He is a lost cause, and he is beyond reproach.”ANC NYTT

So, did the verbose response put Juju on the backfoot? It wouldn’t seem that way. Both he and EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu have responded to the statement, reiterating the messages they shared yesterday

-The South African

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