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AKA TV off to a faulty start


AKA TV off to a faulty start

Rapper AKA’s streaming channel, AKA TV got off to a rocky start with technical challenges when it launched on Friday, May 8.The app, which is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, carries a monthly subscription R49.99.

Subscribers will be treated with a host of content from the Jika hitmaker, who previously said that the The Supa Mega Show would include exclusive live performances like his recent AKA Orchestra On The Square that was held at the Sun Arena in 2019 and exclusive new songs.

He also said he would be interviewing his celebrity friends and let his fans see the things he’s often privy too.Taking to Twitter, AKA updated his fans on the status of the app.

“Couple technical issues but please be patient, it’s Day 1. We’ll work hard to get everything 100% perfect. #AKATV”, he wrote.

His fans were not annoyed at the news, instead they supported him saying that they will wait for as long as it took. Other fans posted pictures of their receipt of their subscription.



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