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Meet The Police Officer Who Convinced Zuma To Go To Prison


Meet The Police Officer Who Convinced Zuma To Go To Prison

aj-Gen Nonhlanhla Zulu ‘is honoured to have represented the South African Police Services in negotiating with Jacob Zuma to peacefully hand himself over to the police, so that he can be taken in custody.

This had prevented a lot of bloodshed and has been seen as something that was a right step towards policing, instead of using guns and violence they negotiated amicably.

She did not disclose how she managed to get access to Jacob Zuma’s home, but the negotiations are alleged to have taken place from 2 p.m. until Jacob Zuma agreed to hand himself over.

The police services as well as the South African National Defence Force Marine Corps were dispatched to KZN in order to apprehend Jacob Zuma if he had resisted the arrest, riot trucks were already dispatched to the area and Helicopters.

So Jacob Zuma had no other choice but to hand himself over to the authorities, otherwise they would have been a lot of violence involved in taking him against his will.

Zulu said the operation was an emotional rollercoaster, because she still had to convince a very respectable man who still has the status of President of South Africa to hand himself over to correctional services which is something that has never been done before.

The former president respected her as an individual and they were able to negotiate, talk and reach an agreement along with his family and advisers.

As a father, before his kids and wives, it is hard see your father get inside a car knowing very well where he is going. It was a very emotional process before he left.

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cauht during lockdown

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