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5 ways to find balance when working from home

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5 ways to find balance when working from home

Working from home has now become a reality for many. It may not be as easy as we may have once thought.

Here are some tips to navigate working from home:

Get up, dress up and show up

It does not matter if no one sees you; dressing for work is a psychological reminder that you need to be in “work mode”.

Have a designated workspace and only ever work in this space

This will also serve as a reminder to your family that you are working. Do nothing but work in this space – do not have your morning coffee or lunch at your workstation.

Follow a routine that mimics your workday

Be strict about your working hours and breaks. Just because you can work longer hours, does not mean that you should. Many are working longer hours than normal and are staying switched on and connected for longer periods. This can eventually lead to burnout.

Use the time you would have spent traveling to do something good for your mental health

Examples of this can be eating a healthier breakfast, do some exercise, etc.

If you have kids, ensure that they have a routine to follow too, with pre-planned activities

This gives everyone a sense of structure and predictability. Let your family know when you are available to bond or participate in joint activities.

Working at home means that work stress is brought into your safe space. Setting physical and emotional boundaries are key to working from home while staying sane.



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