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40-year-old man sentenced to two life-time terms for [email protected] a mentally challenged man


40-year-old man sentenced to two life-time terms for [email protected] a mentally challenged man

The 40-year-old man was sentenced this week in the Scottburgh magistrate’s court in KwaZulu-Natal, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said on Friday.

A man who was caught in the act [email protected] his mentally challenged victim a second time — after the initial charges were provisionally withdrawn pending DNA results — has been handed two life sentences behind bars.

“The accused and the 25-year-old victim lived in the same area of Sawoti, on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast,” said regional spokesperson Natasha Kara.“In the first instance, the accused [email protected] the victim on their way back from a traditional ceremony at a nearby homestead.”

The victim returned home and reported the incident to his grandmother.“A case was opened and the accused was arrested. However, the case was provisionally withdrawn pending the outcome of DNA results, as the victim was unable to give evidence in court due to his mental state.

“During this time, the accused again encountered the victim and took him to his home. The victim’s aunt got concerned when he did not return home and went out looking for him.”

Neighbours informed her they had seen them at the accused’s house. She gathered together community members and went there.“The aunt peeked through the window and saw the two men naked on the bed. She shouted for her nephew to come out, but the accused kept him in and threw stones at the community members.”

Community members eventually broke down the door of the house and rescued the victim. After a medical examination, a second case of [email protected] was opened against the accused who was rearrested.

In court, the man denied both allegations. His evidence however was countered by DNA evidence and testimony by a doctor and the aunt.



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