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26-year-old Ethiopian Shop owner killed “by jealous rivals” in Cape Town



26-year-old Ethiopian Shop owner killed “by jealous rivals” in Cape Town

A young dad from Delft was shot and killed while opening his spaza shop on Wednesday morning, allegedly by jealous rivals. The heartbroken family of Branu Abab Forsedo, 26, say he was murdered just weeks after he reported an illegal shop which was subsequently closed down in Hurricane Street.

Branu and his brother, Mesfin, 31, came to Cape Town from Ethiopia last year and together they opened a shop in Hurricane Street to support his two children. Mesfin says on Wednesday morning Branu opened the shop at about 6 am and came under

“He just opened the window and the guy came up to him,” says Mesfin.“There was no argument and it was not a robbery.“I didn’t hear them say anything but I heard the shot go off.“They shot him in the head and the bullet went right through his head.

“He collapsed in the shop and died right here.”Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk confirms the incident and says: “A murder case was opened for investigation by Delft police after the shooting incident where a 26-year-old man was shot and fatally wounded at about 6am in Hurricane Street.

“The circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation with no arrests yet.”Mesfin says the shooting comes just days after a squabble with another shop owner who he says opened a shop illegally near theirs.“We never had problems with anyone, we traded everyday,” he says.

“Not once were we robbed or anything, but recently a shop was opened near ours.“My brother reported the owner because he was operating illegally and the police came and gave that shop seven days to close but they never did.shop1

“The police came back and closed the shop and they abandoned the container here in the street. They were very angry with Branu and you could see it when he walked past them.”Mesfin says he is preparing to send his brother’s body home to Ethiopia where he will be laid to rest.

“It is very painful. I can’t tell you how I feel because he has a daughter and a son who depend on him. I am going to continue running the shop.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Delft police on 021 954 9000.

-Daily Voice

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