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‘Badboy’ Rapper Emtee drops new music

'Badboy' Rapper Emtee drops new music

Award-winning musician Emtee has released a new single, iThemba.

The talented rapper says he created the song to instill hope in people’s lives during these uncertain times.

“This is because people right now are losing their jobs, homes and loved ones because of this pandemic and it’s a scary time for many people.”

He said working on the song was a great experience for him.

“Working on the song was amazing, and I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing producer who understood the importance of the message I was trying to put across.”

He said he’s going to release a new album soon called Logan.

Download: Emtee – iThemba

“I’ve named my upcoming album after my second born son.
This is because I try my best to involve my children in my journey as an artist.

I want them to understand the ins and outs of what I do instead of hearing them from a stranger who may know very little about what I do,” he said.

“The album is going to be on fire.” I’ve taken my time crafting it as I have been working on it for a year and I hope that people enjoy it.

“People can expect fireworks like usual, but there is more maturity and transformation in the sound and music as I have grown from who I was before.”

Emtee said he’s ready to come back onto the music scene to reclaim his spot.

“I’m currently going through the journey and the process of accepting my circumstances and rolling with the punches and I feel like I’m stronger than I was before.”

He shared with SunBuzz what it’s like being an independent artist.

“The journey of being signed to a record label and then moving to be an independent artist and a record label owner has been tough,” he said.

“I don’t regret it. I got into the business knowing the challenges I might come across, which I’ve accepted because I’m looking at the bigger picture.

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“I want the label in the next few years to be able to compete with some of the leading labels.”

His single is available on all digital platforms.

Source | Daily Sun